Fashion Designs On The Future


I realized the Professors were actually individuals who worked in the field and really knew the industry. I valued their expert teaching.  I moved to East Orange New Jersey and commuted to Brooklyn NY. It was challenging. Trains and buses everyday back and forth. Studies, projects, libraries, exams, up at 4 am to make my 8 am class and getting home in the night. But that fire was still burning high inside.

One of my fashion  instructors was  Professor Darry Ramono, visual merchandising who puts on fashion shows every year at the college, where department stores participate by lending clothing for the models to where. So when he approached my about participating in the show with some of my original designs, first ever having Original designs in the show. I was overwhelmed. And it was such an honor giving his expertise in the field of fashion industry.

I didn’t realize that the fashion department was observing me, and believed in me, they stepped in to help me succeed at the show.

I remember crying in the bathroom when I walked in the fashion department and saw needles and thread.

And faculty in the department finishing my hats by hand, steaming my designs coaching me, students wanting to wear my designs was emotional. This affirmation that I am in my journey, I am living my dreams. That was my very first official fashion show in Brooklyn New York.

And it was the beginning of many to come over the years. It also gave me the official acknowledgement, I Am a Fashion Designer.

I Am,



Fashion Designs On The Future!

The journey and sacrifice I was willing to make to achieve my dreams I remember was like feeling my insides were on fire. I knew that feeling as a child, it would burn higher when dreaming and drawing and seeing beautiful clothing and accessories.

Then I found a school that seems to have appeared from nowhere. Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn NY. When I saw this school’s fashion program I was drawn in, added perks… it was on Manhattan Beach.

I applied immediately. I kept telling myself, you are going to be studying fashion on a beach. So when I got the letter of acceptance, I knew that whatever I want in life I have to work toward and believe. I started my fashion education in NY February 28, 2001. It snowed and it was knee high. But for me it seem like a beautiful spring day. The sun shining bright and so was my future. The fashion department was so professional and I loved everyone who had a desk in there. Theresa Mastrianni who was a faculty member in the retail management program, Darry Romano the creator of the program.

The first time I met the Director of the retail management program, Jacqueline Scerbinski. I immediately noticed her savvy style, she was very classy. I could tell she knew a lot about the fashion industry, and I always valued her teaching in class, paying close attention to her every word, especially when it came to the retail management class. She along with the other professors made a lasting impression on me. I learn so much out there on those waters. Most favorite course, Visual merchandising, TV, Radio and New paper. Sitting in class and the entire class is watching hundreds of commercials. Absorbing advertisements. Window design. Retail Management, Retail Buying. Business Management.